Make Your Setups More Reliable provides you with reliable links to third party prerequisites, so it allows you to make your automated setup scripts without worrying about missing files, discontinued servers or hijacked websites - even when the original provider deletes the file off his server.
In Windows, Linux or anywhere else - or software almost always depends from other packages - frameworks, libs, utilities and scripts. To make things easier, we let our setup packages to download the prerequisites from somewhere, and hope that this "somewhere" will last forever. But more ofthen than not, it's not the case. gallery allows you to have a reliable link to the specific 3rd party package, which is not going to expire, change it's URL or else. In some cases, you will get it from the server close to you. doesn't host files, but redirects to reliable and safe location (see FAQ).

over 11 packages from 10 providers made N/A downloads so far.